Digital marketing is a necessary service that every business needs. Finding digital marketing professionals is easy and they can work with a variety of different businesses.

To save costs, many startups try and run their own marketing campaigns. And this is where they mess up.

The average business owner isn’t a digital marketing professional. They either overlook core services or do them completely wrong.

Investing in a digital marketing professional is worth the money. That’s because so many businesses make the same marketing mistakes. The sad part is – these mistakes are completely avoidable.

Here are 8 digital marketing mistakes that startups commit.

1. Too Much Self-Promotion

How many times have you received a random self-promoting Facebook message from an acquaintance? They probably send you their website, their product page, and include a novel’s worth of company and product information.

You roll your eyes and ignore the message, right?

Some businesses just can’t realize self-promotion is the worst marketing mistake of them all. So much so, that Facebook is punishing users who spam-tag their whole friends list on their promotional statuses.

This doesn’t mean you should be completely humbled. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your businesses to family and friends and posting about your business on social media.

But make it more compelling. Instead of simply listing your products, explain how you’re excited about your new product launch or new store location. You’re still self-promoting but giving more initiative.

2. Email Marketing

Before we say anything else – email marketing isn’t bad. So many startups just don’t know how to run an effective email marketing campaign.

Unfortunately, it’s true. Email ads get overlooked. They get stuffed in your customers’ promotion folders and never opened.

But savvy email marketers know how to engage customers via email.

First off, winning a first-time customer with email marketing is difficult. That’s why retention email marketing is most effective.

Your subject line matters more than anything. It should speak to the customer, their needs, and how the email and your business can meet their needs.

DIY marketers also don’t do the necessary customer research to analyze their email marketing campaign. This includes click-through rates and customer analytics.

3. Bad SEO Techniques

Unless you’re an SEO professional, you probably don’t know anything about SEO.

Let’s say you own an eCommerce company and have an Amazon page.

If you sell jewelry, did you write your description like “a one-inch turquoise gem encased in sterling silver edging. Comes with a seven-inch chain” or does it read more like “turquoise sterling silver one-inch, seven-inch chain”?

If your product descriptions are sloppy and don’t make any sense, Google won’t take kindly to your business.

There are also many SEO myths that amateurs believe. We all know keyword research is vital. But many people don’t know how to use those keywords.

Let’s say your keyword is “turquoise gem.” It’s common to see titles and descriptions that say “Turquoise Gem Gem Turquoise Turquoise Gem Necklace Turquoise Gem Sterling Silver Necklace.”

This practice is called keyword stuffing, and can seriously damage your SEO.

Instead, you only need to use the keyword once in the title and description.

4. Low-Quality or No Content

Back on the SEO topic, content is everything. Well-written copy, a blog, images, and video are all necessary for your SEO. While most businesses use some content, most aren’t using as much as they need.

Take a blog for example. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to achieve great search engine results and well-written blogs also provide education for your customers. But how many startups utilize this tool?

Many startups do use content, but it doesn’t mean it’s great quality.

You may think that DIY, cell phone-quality and distorted image of your office will work great on your website. But Google can pinpoint these bad images and will punish your website.

5. Not Utilizing Local SEO

If you have an online-based business, you probably don’t need local SEO. But if you rely on local customers, local SEO is vital. But many businesses don’t use any local SEO techniques – even the most basic strategies.

Let’s take Google My Business as an example. This is a free Google tool where you add basic information about your company.

This includes your name, address, contact information, website, social media pages, and other important information such as your store hours.

Not only does this help customers find your business but Google will reward your business.

Your contact information comes in handy in other areas, such as NAP. NAP is an acronym that stands for name, address, and phone number. Add this information to each website page and your SEO results will improve drastically.

6. Not Using All Social Media Platforms

Social media is another powerful tool for startups. You probably know to have an active Facebook page, post on Instagram, and follow trends on Twitter. But what about overlooked social media platforms, such as YouTube and Pinterest?

Each social media platform has devoted followers. Someone who’s addicted to YouTube videos won’t search for your videos on Facebook.

You may have better performance on one social platform over another. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore that social platform.

7. Not Using Customer Reviews to Your Advantage

Customer reviews impact your SEO performance more than you think. Good reviews obviously improve your SEO results. But negative reviews are better than no reviews.

Negative reviews tell Google your business is getting noticed and you receive sales.

To attract more reviews, offer guests a free or discounted product or service when they review your business.

But what about the bad reviews?

Don’t leave them for the world to see. Most review websites have a commenting option. Respond to the bad reviewer and offer a new product or service.

Don’t Make These Marketing Mistakes

If you want to achieve business success, you need digital marketing. But many startups commit the same digital marketing mistakes.

Instead, take a look at our digital marketing services.

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