So, you’ve heard it before.

You need a blog in order to establish an online footprint for your business.

But why? What solid benefits can it have for you?

You’re here to learn why blogging is important and we’re here to show you.

Let’s dive into this timeless subject and we’ll show you eight concrete benefits which your business can gain from a blog.

1. Blogs Are the Basis for Content Marketing

A blog is the primary basis for pretty much every form of content marketing. Even if you choose to expand farther in the future chances are that everything will end up being based around your blog.

Pretty much everyone is getting in on the content marketing game.

A blog is the easiest way to get quality content out on a regular basis and then leverage it into outreach.

It helps to bring in customers and raises brand awareness. Both of these are huge factors in your advertising success and not opting to perform at least basic content marketing is a big mistake in the long run.

2. On-Page SEO

Without a blog, you’ll be missing out on a ton of keywords.

The very nature of blogs means that you’re going to have a lot of posts over time. As long as you intelligently target your keywords you’ll be able to hit long tail keywords in addition to the big ones you’re trying to rank for.

Long tail keywords tend to have a lower search volume but they’re easier to rank than broader terms and once you get going they’ll start to add up to serious traffic.

You’ll get the added bonus of starting to rank for questions. Think strategically, especially as voice searching becomes more and more common.

3. Recurring Readers Become Customers

If someone is just coming back time and time again in order to read your engaging posts then sooner or later they’re going to buy something.

Not all traffic that you get through your blog is going to be commercial traffic but if you spend the extra time or money making sure that you’ve got great content then your chances go up.

Don’t think of your blog as the end of your sales funnel, but the more often people are in your funnel at all the more likely they are to make a purchase.

4. It Establishes You as an Authority

When you’re consistently putting out high-quality content within your niche, especially if it’s not all commercial, you’re establishing yourself as an authority.

This isn’t only great for branding, it also means that people will trust your business more. Blogging is an excellent way to look “smarter” than the competition.

When it comes to international audiences for products or services you need to be seen as one of the leading names in your industry. Even if you’re just a start-up you can show off your knowledge and help people understand what you do.

5. Engage With Your Customers

Blogging will help to humanize your brand. Instead of a faceless, corporate enterprise, it shows that you have real human beings at your back.

You’ll be surprised at how well consumers react when you’re engaging with them. It’s important to reply to comments on your blogs, invite your readers to share their opinions and generally interact with them as often as possible.

When a company has a human voice rather than just being a logo which sends them invoices they’re getting ready for the next level of sales.

6. Supporting Your Social Media Efforts

Social media lends itself to short forms of copy and quick engagements with customers.

What it doesn’t lend itself to is the kind of long content pieces which can draw in customers, tell them more about your business, and give them helpful tips on how to handle your product or service.

Blogs do.

And you can easily share them on social media, bringing in another source of traffic for your business’ website.

Social media and an active blog make for a two-pronged plan of attack for your advertising when they’re working hand-in-hand.

7. It Shows You’re Active

A regularly updated blog shows your customers that you care, it humanizes the company, and it also shows that you’re consistently moving forwards.

You don’t need to update every single day, once a week is enough for most businesses once you have your initial five or ten posts in place.

The important thing is to show that you’re always thinking about your business and niche. It shows initiative on your part and that you still care about more than just the bottom line.

You’re showing that you’re still alive and that your business is your priority.

8. Putting Together Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important parts of search engine optimization. With them, you’ll be able to rank higher.

If you’re able to consistently put together high-quality and engaging information for your blog then you’ll be able to put together more and more backlinks.

It’s a snowball effect. You rank higher due to more backlinks and the more prominent your page is the more likely more people are to link to your posts.

This will also raise your authority statistics within your niche.

A high-quality blog can eventually become the most valuable portion of your web page and the primary driver behind traffic. You just need to make sure it’s right from the beginning.

Now You Know Why Blogging is Important

None of the above are intangible effects. These are all serious, actionable things which will happen for a company which puts their effort into a blog.

You could start right now and start seeing the benefits. It’ll take some experimentation but just getting the ball rolling means you’ll be on the right track.

Of course, if you’d rather keep your eye on your business and don’t have time to find an employee with the expertise you need then you’ll want an expert.

Why not contact us and see if we can make a difference for your business?

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