Did you know that Facebook remains the number one social media channel for marketing? Or, that some 41 percent of entrepreneurs rely on a Facebook marketing strategy to support their small business promotion and sales efforts?

Marketing effectively on Facebook comes with its challenges, though. Less than half of all businesses report satisfaction with their current Facebook marketing. Read on for our Facebook marketing guide to make this strategy work better for you.

Start Organic

The benefits of organic marketing prove manifold. But what is organic reach? It refers to the number of people who’ve seen your social media posts for free as opposed to those who’ve learned about your company through paid reach.

Organic marketing or organic search engine optimization (SEO) means unpaid for exposure for your company. But with the flood of content on the internet, it proves more and more difficult to get your message heard above the marketing din.

But with a great SEO strategy and some outside-of-the-box thinking, you can still gain and keep a loyal audience of fans without busting your marketing budget. Start by understanding your audience and how they search for information.

This means knowing their demographics and then digging deeper. Besides their ages, occupations, and lifestyles, figure out what keeps them up at night. Once you know what they worry about, you’ll be in a much better place to offer them help.

Instead of thinking of yourself as trying to make sales, you’re here to match customer’s problems with effective solutions in the form of your company’s products and services. Use compelling SEO content to get this message across.

Know Your Customer

You’ve got to “speak” your customer’s language to grab their attention. This means:

  • addressing their problem
  • providing a solution
  • proving the solution works
  • helping them understand its value to their lives
  • using captivating headlines that grab and keep their attention
  • knowing which terms (SEO keywords) they search for to help them find your company’s answer

You can communicate all of this organically. But you must include eye-catching headlines and lots of data to back up your claims. These remain surefire ways to get your reader’s attention and interest.

Use Facebook Insights

But what if you don’t know how to speak your customer’s language? Facebook can help.

You see, Facebook Insights lets you learn all about your online fans through demographic data. This includes data about their interests and hobbies, too.

And Facebook Insights even lets you go a step further to tailor-make messages for specific subsets of your audience. You can even target audience members based on their relationship status, gender, interests, location, and more.

As simple as clicking on the “targeting icon” located at the bottom of each of your posts, you’ll be able to fit your message to your audience like a leather driving glove.

What’s Your USP?

Because of the content marketing revolution and the convenience of the internet, people now get inundated with more information than ever before. That’s why you need to keep your company’s message compelling, factual, and distinct.

This starts with an understanding and articulation of your company’s unique selling proposition (USP). Or, put another way, a clear, simple definition of what sets your company and its products apart from the competition.

But what if you don’t know your company’s USP? Start by asking yourself these two questions:

  • What unique value does my company provide to customers?
  • What does my company offer that the competition can’t?

Once you’ve answered these two questions in a straightforward, succinct way, you’ll have a compelling message upon which to build your Facebook marketing efforts.

There’s no better way to keep Facebook fans interested than with your company’s USP.

Keep Facebook Social

What’s the secret ingredient of social media? Staying social. That means interacting and engaging with your fans as a community.

That also means responding in real-time to complaints, questions, comments, and problems that crop up in your community.

And when you have a nasty negative review? Don’t ignore it! Use it as a chance to show your Facebook community that your company takes their interactions seriously and responds human-to-human.

That’s how you build community. This approach will help you instill a sense of loyalty in your followers, too. Make it clear to your customers that you genuinely care and want to help them live their best lives.

Keep the lines of communication open. If you feel overwhelmed by handling all of these communications personally, enlist the help of a service such as Hootsuite or Smarterqueue to stay on top of social media interactions.

Quality Matters

When it comes to making readers come back for more great content, remember to keep your posts and publications relevant, useful, and fun to read. That means writing in a business casual style that’s conversational and addictively readable.

It also means keeping your finger on your reader’s pulse so you know what matters to them. That way, you continue to deliver on your promise to keep them uber-aware of developments in your industry.

One of the best ways to collect data about your reader’s interests and concerns? Surveys.

So, send them out often. By default, they’ll let your customers know that you care about them and want to meet and exceed their needs, too.

Then, as you use the data from surveys to craft new content, let your readers explicitly know how you’re continuing to meet their needs. E-newsletter intros mark great places to outline survey results and how they continue to shape your content.

In terms of other types of content that lead to big results, consider hosting a fun, interactive competition. There’s no better way to get customers involved. What’s more, as they await contest updates and results, they’ll visit your website regularly.

Facebook Paid Advertising

We already alluded to this before. The deluge of new content constantly hitting social media means your organic reach continues to decline. Hence, the need for paid advertising.

To reach those outside of your current sphere of influence, Facebook paid advertising represents your new best friend. Even better, Facebook lets you boost any post.

That way, you can see which posts perform best organically and then boost them for even greater ROI. Think of Facebook as your ultimate advertising laboratory where you can experiment in real-time, growing your audience and outreach.

Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Advantage

Interested in learning more about tried and tested Facebook marketing strategy? Or, maybe you’ve got questions about other aspects of digital content marketing? We’ve got you covered.

At Long Media Digital Marketing, we care passionately about your company’s online marketing success. Follow our blog to stay on top of the latest news in the digital promotion world so that you gain and maintain the distinct sales edge.

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