Build Your Brand with Content Marketing

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Build Your Brand with Content Marketing

Beyond products and services, people consume information. They look for articles, images, and videos that solve their problems and improve their day-to-day lives. And they tend to trust the institutions that offer the most relevant content.

That’s why businesses turn to content marketing — an ingenious marketing method that targets both your audience and search engines — for SEO help. Through valuable content, small businesses build their authority, advertise their product, and boost their digital presence all at the same time.

Serving Customers through Content

Consumers today are tech-savvy. Before they make a purchase, they compare specs and read testimonials. They also read what a company says about different products.

There is resistance, however, to hard-sell content. An article that aggressively advertises a product doesn’t sit well with consumers. What they want is a piece that provides good advice and helps them make smart decisions.

This is the heart of our content marketing. We do not resort to overt presentations. Rather, we focus on the problem of the consumer and the possible solutions.

Long Media’s writers study your audience intently to make quality content. We explore their pain points and motivations, so we can show how your product can make a positive impact on their lives.

Enhancing Digital Presence

Our content marketing doesn’t let optimization fall by the wayside. We take the keywords into account but steer clear of keyword stuffing, which harms your rankings.

Our writers also takes pains to ensure and maintain quality, as search engines reward websites with valuable and relevant content. Additionally, search engines prefer websites with fresh content, so we publish content regularly.

To date, there are more than 6 billion searches a day worldwide.
SEO allows you to tap into that market.

Work with Long Media

Content marketing does wonders for your small business. It establishes your credibility, keeps people interested in your site, and improves your digital presence.

Long Media creates content marketing strategies that foster trust among your customers and make your site SEO-friendly. We plan the campaign thoroughly, study your audience intently, produce fresh content, and run them through many layers of fact-checking and editing to ensure quality.

All high quality content comes with:

Topic Ideation

Vetted Native English speaking writers

SEO Optimization

Unlimited Revisions

Clean HTML Format

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Build your brand with quality content.

Our content can be purchased by the individual article or in bulk. It can be paid for monthly or one-time. Content word counts from 500 to 2000. Content prices from $80 - $1,900. Get in touch with our team for our content marketing services.